Passing Cloud

Grocery Run

For 25 years, the Quimper Hittys favourite photographer has been going to Haida Gwaii without us, (normally accompanied by Tansy).

This year I got to go too!! Tephra and Constance, Prim and Florence came along to keep me company.


The Hittys and I got to travel to the schooner Passing Cloud along with the groceries! We flew down in a little float plane, landing not too close to the boat (plane wings and boat rigging don’t mix) and did a little zip over by zodiac.



Galley Window

We spent the first night in Anna Inlet and the human and Hittys loafed and tried to stay out of the way while the crew (Captain Russ, Mate Liam, and Chef Erin) bustled about doing a core-deep scrub, and preparing the boat for the rest of the incoming passengers!



Prim and Florence

These two girls were especially excited to be along.  Prim was made by TC Vollum, and Florence is the new Quimper girl…both are made of Butternut, and both were on their way to their new home here on these beautiful Islands!



Hitty Shelf

We got a tour of the boat, including the galley, wheelhouse, lounge/dining area/library, and the Head…then were shown to our bunks. Ours was the port side forward cabin, with down quilts, lovely pillows, our own sink, neat drawers and a convenient Hitty shelf!



Passing Cloud

We fell in love with the boat! Passing Cloud was designed by William James Roué, who also designed Bluenose (on the reverse side of every Canadian dime since 1937). Thanks to the Hittys favourite photographer for this last picture, and for making it possible for me to come along!



Please  click here  to see the website of Outer Shores Expeditions,


If you want to see where Passing cloud is right now, click here!









8 thoughts on “Passing Cloud

  1. What a wonderful opportunity for you, QH human…and a pat on the shoulder to the favorite photographer who helped make it possible for you to go. Can’t wait to see what you and the QH Hittys saw there! Thanks for taking us along.

  2. How wonderful for you! The beauty of the boat, and the scenery is beyond compare! And, Florence and Prim are adorable. Whomever they are going to live with is very lucky indeed! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your journey.

  3. A-w-w I’m so happy for you that your sweetie made it possible for you and the “girls” to have this awesome adventure. I can’t think of a more wonderful vacation. Prim and Florence are going to have a unique life…if it’s on Haida Gwaii (from the past adventures you shared with us) They are adorable Hittys.

    • The expedition was so amazingly wonderful. We feel very lucky, and were all changed by the experience. Every day brought a new way of thinking about things, some things I thought I knew were expanded or changed, and things I didn’t know became vividly real.

  4. What a fine adventure!! I am thinking you had a wonderful time. Hopefully lots of opportunities to relax, sight see and just bask!! The new girls are delightful.

    • It was wonderful! we did a fair bit of basking! We also did lots of peering at wildlife, jumping in and out of zodiacs, stepping on special ground, and eating spectacular food!

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