Encyclopedia Quilt

Encyclopedia Fabric

I bought this delightful fabric at a Quilt shop in Oregon…it has small a pattern of black and white illustrations reproduced from old encyclopedias!




One and a half inch square

I wanted to centre the images inside a one and a half inch square, to match some scrap pieces already cut to those measurements, so I traced one of the squares onto card and cut the square out.




Then I could position the square just where I wanted it, and lightly pencil on the cutting line.




Here are the encyclopedia pieces, interspersed with scraps from other projects.




I added a diagonal border made of slices trimmed from some of the fabric I got at Momma Made It. The grey print border-and-backing is a scrap I got from my grandmother probably 45 years ago. I did a chain stitch at the edge for more contrast.



Hedge pig

Hedge Piggie wanted to help with the quilting…




…I did a simple running stitch in varying colours round the Encyclopedia squares…



Sweet Dreams

Tuesday says sleeping under it makes her feel quite knowledgeable!








13 thoughts on “Encyclopedia Quilt

    • I knew I needed a bit of this fabric as soon as I saw it! I really like the way it turned out mixed with the 1860’s blocks…I still have a bit of my grandmother ‘s fabric, but the pieces are getting smaller!

  1. Very impressive…that fabric is amazing. Tuesday looks “comforted” beneath her comforter! Lovely work…as always.

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