St Æthelthryth Day

Lives of the Saints

Æthelthryth was a Saxon princess who started a monastery in Ely, Cambridgeshire about 1,350 years ago.




There is a huge Romanesque/Gothic cathedral there now, and Æthelthryth is considered a saint.



St Audrey’s Fair

People who couldn’t pronounce her name called her Audrey, and the Ely summer market on June 23 has been called St. Audrey’s day fair for over a thousand years.



Fripperies and furbelows!

In Puritan times, ribbons, and lace sold at the market were labeled ‘t’awdry lace in an effort to diminish its allure…



Tawdry Lace

…but most of the Quimper Hittys like a bit of lace here and there, and we are fascinated by the origin of the word tawdry!







13 thoughts on “St Æthelthryth Day

  1. What a great story and wonderful photos. And the chance to learn the origin of one of my favorite words!! As always the girls illustrate the narrative beautifully!

  2. Loved this post, as always. Great story. Audrey is one of my favorite names. My best loved aunt was named Audrey. Kathleen

  3. I’ll never look at lace the same way again. Tawdry indeed!!! That adorable last photo of the girls with the prince gave me a five-star smile…so adorable.

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