Chestnut Girl


A Spalted Chestnut Hitty blank, after languishing in the carving basket for months, is finally on the way to becoming a doll…


Eggs Galore

Eggs and Chickens

Big Hen

Tatty is touring the cupboard… (more…)

April Azalea


There is a lot of cheeping, chirping, twittering, tweeting, quacking and cawing going on around here these days – it must be spring!


One a Penny

Flour, sugar, eggs, milk

Constance is doing some seasonal baking…


Spring Bonnet

A Happy Girl

Aurelia has a new gingham bonnet…




Old Apple – New Quince


Half our old Apple tree fell over last year, and the remaining half was removed a few months ago. Amelia and Carrot Soup fondly remembered all the apple pie, sauce and crumble, dried apples, baked apples and crisp juicy raw apples that this tree gave us.


Special Things

Beautiful Box

We found a beautiful box; the Quimper Hittys love the hand-painting rosemåling on it! Constance thought it would be a good size to preserve special Hitty things…


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