Fossils and insects


Constance admired this 55 million year old fossil insect!






Fossil Ginkgo


Constance is fascinated by the multiplicity of fossils in this collection!





Early every morning, Constance puts on her lab coat and gets ready for work.



On the way

 Constance has accompanied the Quimper Hitty human on an expedition to the interior of The Province.  We had breakfast on the ferry…



Autumn Tuesday


Early this chilly morning, Tuesday went out with her basket…





The favourite photographer brought a few things home from the thrift store – Hattie found a beautiful box…



Talk like a Pirate

Long John

Yesterday it was Talk like a Pirate Day. (more…)

September Pears


It is Pear time in the Quimper Household…we have Pears in the tree (more…)

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