Looking for Lizards


Warm summer days are good for lizard-hunting in our dry climate…



Amelia in the trees


Arriving early for an appointment, I went over to the historic cemetery so Amelia could climb around in the trees for a while.



Amelia’s Summer Dress

Linen Lining

Amelia is getting a summer dress from some jolly quilt fabric…



Encyclopedia Quilt

Encyclopedia Fabric

I bought this delightful fabric at a Quilt shop in Oregon…it has small a pattern of black and white illustrations reproduced from old encyclopedias!



Northward bound

Little Red Chair

Amelia and Tuesday helped me do some fabric shopping on the way home from the south.



Carving Tuesday

Judy Brown Black Walnut

Four years ago I took a carving class with Judy Brown.  I bought one of her Black Walnut Blanks, but waited to carve her until I felt a bit more sure of myself. I packed the blank up into my tool bag and carried it to Oregon with me last week.

I was so lucky that Janet Cordell was visiting too! She helped me get the blank from this condition…


Fine Dining in the South

Salmon going into the dishwasher

 The humans attempted to create a culinary masterpiece with salmon, aluminium foil, and the dishwasher.

Raisin, Gráinne and Bonnie were skeptical…




Out and about


Amelia bravely underwent surgery to fix a stiff neck, and we are happy to report it was successful!


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