Hyacinthoides non-scripta



Beach combing

Seaweedy Driftwood

Tansy invited Eugenia and Tephra down to the beach…




Last year a chestnut tree limb blew off during a storm, and landed in a friend’s yard.  It lay on the ground for a while, during which time the spalting occurred, dark streaks and texture changes resulting from fungal invasion in the wood. Another friend turned the spalted wood into a couple of blanks.


Nearly Done

Warm sun

The new girl got a final spritz of Low Odour Clear Matte coating first thing in the morning before the human went to work…


Chestnut Girl


A Spalted Chestnut Hitty blank, after languishing in the carving basket for months, is finally on the way to becoming a doll…


Eggs Galore

Eggs and Chickens

Big Hen

Tatty is touring the cupboard… (more…)

April Azalea


There is a lot of cheeping, chirping, twittering, tweeting, quacking and cawing going on around here these days – it must be spring!


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