The Canaries

Away We Go

Constance and Aurelia are coming with me to the Canary Islands.



Canary Yellow Dress

yellow fabric and a request

Constance thought she should have a yellow dress…


Everybody has Pink Hats

Pink Rhododendron

The small human carried Lala and Elvira outside so she could find pink hats for them…


Felt Dress for Lala

Felt, buttons, thread

A visit from a small human gave me the chance to try a sewing project…she selected black with sparkles for the dress and pink for the belt.


Ladybug Dress For Opal

Agathe’s Ladybug dress

Opal waited fairly patiently until I had time to make her a ladybug dress.


Brahma Chicks


Tansy wore her special black-and white chicken apron for her audience with a friend’s Brahma chicks…


Quince Blossom Baby


Clothes peg baby found her way up into the quince tree…



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