Tansy in De La Beche Inlet

De La Beche

Tansy has been floating around in Haida Gwaii with her favourite photographer, the rest of the crew and the guests on the schooner Passing Cloud! Here is the schooner at anchor in De La Beche Inlet, while a guest has an idyllic paddle in a kayak.




This is the way we wash the clothes

The Hitty cupboard is excited – Tansy and her favourite photographer have just returned from Haida Gwaii and their adventure on the schooner Passing Cloud!



Honey Spas 2018


Just in time for August fourteenth, we found this perfect bottle…


Universal Truths


The forest fires have made the air hot and smoky for the last few days…but Constance always has enough energy to read her favourite book!


Kelpie Boat

Basket to the beach

Three girls went to the beach with the small human.



St Denis

When the sun came up, the smallest human visited St Denis.


Fresh Vegetables


Gracia loves this time of year – she is very busy at the Carnicería…


Backyard Dragons!


Opal and Agathe love “camping” even if it is just in the back yard. One morning they set off to explore their surroundings… (more…)

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