Pile of felt

Opal and Agathe found a giant stack of felt…





October Berries

Orange berries

Patience wore her blue raincoat…




A Good Book

A good Book

Rose is reading out loud to Constance…



Back home

Cat on Lap

Constance and I have been working out of town for a while, but we are back home now…



Thanksgiving Visit


The youngest member of the human family came for the weekend, and before the rest of the household was awake, she made a beeline for St Denis and said good morning to the Hittys….



October Tea


 It would have been my grandma’s 111th birthday today and Constance is helping the Hitty Cupboard to celebrate! She is wearing a dress made from fabric and buttons given to me by my grandma when I first started sewing for dolls! (more…)



Constance and I went on an expedition on our day off, to the site where the fossils originated from…




Fossil Conifers


Constance marvelled at these amazing blobs!



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